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There is enough mechanical and biomechanical evidence to assert that it is possible to reduce knee injuries in alpine skiing, especially those involving the ACL, with appropriately designed, manufactured and adjusted ski bindings.

The presentations and demonstrations at SITEMSH and ISSS meetings, especially at SITEMSH since November of 2014, show ample support for this assertion.


1st to 4th April 2020 - Conference Center Hotel Roc Blanc
Escaldes -Engordany, ANDORRA

1st April Wednesday

Workshops (Ordino-Arcalís, Grandvalira Ski Resort) 15.00-18.00

  • Avalanche rescue: use of AVD
  • Avalanche dog demonstration
  • Injured immobilization /transportation (Ski-patrols)
  • Rescue material demonstration
  • Hypothermia management

19h Dinner at Restaurant La Coma d’Arcalís – Grandvalira Ski Resort

2nd April Thursday

(work language: English, Catalan, Spanish and French, with translation)
Conference Center Hotel Roc Blanc

Session: Snowsports Safety

  • Human factors in ski accidents (10´)
    Dr Iñigo Soteras, Mountain Medicine, Medical Center Masella Ski Resort, CISA-IKAR
  • Safety in ski resorts. What do we expect from the users? (20´)
    Cnel. Alberto Ayora, head of the “Comité de Seguridad de la Federación Española de Deporte de Montaña y Escalada (FEDME).”
  • The expert evidence in court procedures associated with ski accidents and outdoor activities (20´)
    Iñigo Ayllon, lawyer, specialized in mountain and snowsports accidents
  • Collisions against obstacles during recreational snow sports: a preliminary epidemiological analysis (15´)
    Marie Dorsemaine
  • Wearing rate of helmet in snow sports (15´)
    Pr Yukio Urabe
  • État des lieux de la prise en charge des accidents de ski dans les Pyrénées Françaises (15¨)
    Dr Jean-Dominique Laporte

Floor discussion (15´)

coffee break 10h20-10h40

Session: Snowsports and Functional Diversity 10h40-12h25

  • Introduction: sport and functional diversity. "Hospidepor" programm (15´)
    Dr Josep Barrachina
  • Alpine and Nordic Skiing as paralympic sports (15´)
    Dr Josep Oriol Martinez-Ferrer
  • The effect of skiing on the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities (15´)
    Dra Maria Carbó Carreté
  • Personal experience as Paralympic medallist in Sochi (15´)
    Gabriel Gorce
  • Integració social a l’esport adaptat Social integration in adapted sport (15´)
    Enric Garcia Faixó
  • Beyond evidence (15´)
    Edu Carrera Mariscal

Floor Discussion (15´)

Lunch Break 12h25-14h

Session: Sports Engineering 14h-16h15

  • Snow Sports Engineering Issues (15´)
    Christopher Brown
  • Ski Edges (15´)
    Christopher Brown
  • Lenghts of training courses (15´)
    Roger Brown
  • Practical measurement of special lateral heel release settings for special alpine ski-bindings associated with ACL integrity (15´)
    Rick Howell
  • Spinal injury due to excessive range of motion in typical snowboarding backward falls (15´)
    Wei Wei
  • How simulation with human model can be used to understand mechanisms leading to trauma in snowsport situation (15´)
    Arnoux Pierre-Jean
  • Ski Patrolling App (15´)
    Enzo Acosta
  • Interventions on ski trails for accident prevention (15´)
    Lluis Rocafort / Xavier Parra

Floor discussion

Coffee Break 16h16-16h30

Snowsports Injuries 16h30-18h30

  • Partial ACL tears in athletes (15´)
    Dr Athanassios Zacharopoulos
  • The importance of the stiff neck ruff: new insights (in collaboration with the Swiss air ambulance) (15´)
    Dr Dominik Heim
  • The evaluation for ACL injury prevention (15´)
    Pr Yukio Urabe
  • Return to play after knee ligamentous injury (15´)
    Dr Hale Dadgostar
  • Intrafocal anesthesia for displaced fractures (15´)
    Dr Marc-Hervé Binet
  • Wintersport in Arosa: lessons learned at the new medical centre in Arosa (15´)
    Dr Dominik Heim
  • Spinal immobilization for transportation after mountain traumatic injuries (15´)
    Evin Morgane

Floor Discussion (15´)

19h Ski Competition “Coupe du Président” (Sunset Park Peretol)
Freestyle exhibition

20h Dinner Grau Roig – Grandvalira Ski Resort

3rd April Friday

(work language: English, Catalan, Spanish and French, with translation)

08.30 Registration

Inaugural conference SCME 09.00-09.45

Session: ACL injuries in snowsports 09.45-11.15

  • ACL injuries in leisure skiers (15´)
    Dr Aleix Vidal, orthopedic surgeon, Teknon Medical Center Barcelona / Medical Center Baqueira Ski Resort
  • ACL injuries in ski racers (15´)
    Dr Roberto Negrin, Orthopedic Surgeon, Clínica Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
    FIS Medical Committee
  • Development of a Preventive Knee Brace in Professional Ski Racing - a Holistic Developmental Concept and Successful Implementation in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup (15´)
    Dr Peter Brucker, Orthopedic Surgeon, German Ski Federation
  • ACL injury mechanism in skiers (15´)
    Dr Diego Garcia-Germán, Orthopedic Surgeon, Spanish Ski Federation
  • The most effective rehabilitation program after ACL Reconstruction (15´)
    Pr Yukio Urabe, University of Hiroshima

Floor discussion (15')

Coffee break 11.15-11.45

Session: Severe injuries in Snow & Mountain Sports 11.45-13.00

  • Severe injuries in skiing in Snowsports in Switzerland (15´)
    Dr Dominik Heim, Emergency Surgeon, European Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery,
    Basel University
  • Mountain Bike injuries (15´)
    Dr Anna Hernandez, Emergency Department Hospital Nostra Senyora de Meritxell
  • Severe injuries & fatalities in snowsports in Andorra (15´)
    Dr Bernat Escoda, Sports Medicine and Mountain Medicine, Centre Mèdic de Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig Grandvalira Ski Resort, FIS medical committee
  • Mountaineering injuries (15´)
    Dr Enric Subirats Internal Medicine, Mountain Medicine, Medical Center La Masella Ski Resort, Universitat de Girona

Floor discussion (15´)

Cold buffet 13.00 - 14.15

Session: Competition Skiing 14.15-16.00

  • (tittle to be confirmed) (15´)
    Dr Marie-Philippe Blanchi, Federal Doctor of the French Ski Federation, FIS Medical Committee member
  • Management of the ski concussion (15´)
    A. Peurois, French Ski Federation
  • Statistic of injuries in the French National Ski Team (15´)
    A. Guyon, French Ski Federation
  • Organization of rescue during Alpine Ski World Cup Finals Grandvalira 2019 (15´)
    Laura Sànchez – Emergency Nurse Medical Center Soldeu-El Tarter Grandvalira Ski Resort, Emergency Departement Hospital Nostra Senyora de Meritxell
  • Shock wave therapy in high level skiers after muscle and tendon laesions (15´)
    Dr Anton Wicker, Rehabilitation Specialist, Austrian Ski Federation, FIS Medical Committee
  • Podologic concerns in ski racers (15´)
    Sr Enric Violan, Podologist, Foot Pathomechanics and treatments

Floor discussion (15´)

Session: other Snowsports Disciplines 16.00-16.40

  • Injuries in less common snowsports (15´)
    Dr Joan Torrens, Sports Medicine, Medical Center Ordino-Arcalís Grandvalira Ski Resort
  • Freestyle injuries (15´)
    Sr Jesus Landete Sports Scientist

Floor Discussion (10´)

Coffee break 16.40-17.10

Session: Altitude physiology/pathology 17.10-18.05

  • Altitude training (15´)
    Sr Patxi Vila, Sports scientist, training, nutrition, biomechanics and race planning coordinator Movistar cycling team
  • Hypothermia (15´)
    Dr Iñigo Soteras, Mountain Medicine, Medical Center Masella Ski Resort
  • Functional testing in hypoxia (15´)
    Dr Fabien Pillard, Sports Medicine, University Hospital Toulouse-Purpan

Floor Discussion (10´)

Session: Regenerative medicine 18.05-18.50

  • Joint infusion of expanded MSC in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. Results of our years of experience and future perspectives for athletes (15´)
    Dr Robert Soler MD Regenerative medicine “Institut de Teràpia regenerativa Tissular (ITRT)” Centre Médic Teknon
  • Effect of intratendinous infusion of Autologous Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Expanded under GMP conditions or LP-PRP in Chronic Patellar Tendinopathy: A Randomized Double-Blinded Prospective Study at 12 months (15´)
    Dr Joan Rius, MD Regenerative medicine “Institut de Teràpia regenerativa Tissular (ITRT)” Centre Médic Teknon

Floor Discussion (15´)

Poster communications presentation 19.00-19.45

SCME General Assembly 19.50-20.20

4th April Saturday

(work languages: English, Catalan, Spanish and French, live translation)

Trail Running 09.00-10.45

  • Introduction. Why are medical controls important? (15´)
    Dr Daniel Brotons, Sports Medicine, president SCME 2006-2011, Catalan Sports Council
  • Micro traumatic injuries in trail running participants (15´)
    Dr Virginie Pecourneau, Sports Medicine, University Hospital Toulouse-Purpan
  • Ankle Injury Prevention in trai running (15´)
    Dr Daniel Brotons, Sports Medicine, president SCME 2006-2011, Catalan Sports Council
  • Podological concerns in trail running (15´)
    Sr Enric Violan, Podologist, Foot Pathomechanics and treatments
  • “Stay and Play”. Medical assistance in trail running races (15´)
    Dr Salvador Sarrà, Emergency Physician, International Diploma in Mountain Medicine.
  • Nutrition aspects of ultradistance races (15´)
    (Speaker to be confirmed)

Floor discussion (15´)

Coffee break 10.45-11.30

Trail running 11.30-14.00

  • Physiology elements determining performance in trail running (15´)
    Dr Fabien Pillard, Sports Medicine, University Hospital Toulouse-Purpan
  • New perspective in sports training: the polyvagal theory (15´)
    Dr Carme Mombiedro, Sports Medicine, Medisport, Andorra la Vella, Medical Center Pal- Vallnord Ski Resort
  • Training for trail running (15´)
    Sr Eduard Barceló, Sports Scientist, Trail Running trainer
  • Trail running psychology (15´)
    Sr Tomàs Navarro, psychologist, coach
  • The runner view (15´)
    (to be confirmed)

Floor discussion (15´)

Closure 14.00


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