International Society for Snowports Medicine

In addition to our joint conference, we are also organizing a free social/scientific online event dedicated to collectively build an update about recent activities on snow sports safety. This virtual event will take place via a global zoom meeting organized the 6 and 7th of May from 16:00 to 19:30, Paris local time (GMT+2).

How does it work?

Snowsports safety experts from around the world will provide high level updates on key issues and research being conducted in their laboratories and in their home countries. The presentations, moderated chats, and break-out discussions will be more topical than technical, focusing on the issues, research topics and best practices. In this way, we can cover many topics, have time for discussions, and hopefully generate continued interest in snowsports safety research that can be presented in the next year(s). The outcome of the meeting will be to identify key areas of interest that will form the focused topics for sessions at the ISSS-SITEMSH Congress in 2022 in France.

How to participate to this event?

To obtain the link to attend to the online meeting, please fill in the form below.