International Society for Snowports Medicine

4th - 7th may 2016

The European Society for Arthroscopy and Knee Pathologies (ESSKA) Conference will be held in Barcelona the first week of May 2016. SITEMSH is proud to participate in the scientific program by organising a Symposium about Knee Injury Prevention in Snow Sports.

The scientific table will be presented on May 5th in Room 113 from 10.30 to 11.30 am.

The program is as follows:

Dr Aleix Vidal “Introduction: Snow Sport Injuries in a Ski Resort”

Dr Marc-Hervé Binet "Evolution of Knee Ligament Injuries in Winter Sports"

Dr Athanasios Zacharopoulos "Risk factors and prevention strategies for ACL injuries in children and adolescents in alpine sports"

Rick Howell "Ski Bindings and the Mitigation of ACL Knee Injuries"

Christopher A. Brown “ACL Injuries in Skiing and the Principles that apply to their Prevention”

Dr Roberto Negrin “Preventing Ski Injuries through Equipment”

Dr Jürgen Herfert “Prevention of sport injury in alpine skiing. What is known?”

Pr Yukio Urabe “Training and Rehabilitation for Preventing Knee Ligament Injuries”

Dr Peter Brücker “Development of a Preventive Knee Brace in Professional Ski Racing. A Holistic Developmental Concept and successful implementation in the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup”